Electrical and Industrial Instrumentation

The Need for Advanced Instrumentation

As more manufacturers and distribution centers move towards plant automation, so does the need for advanced instrumentation for your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and/or Distributed Control System (DCS). As these systems become more complex with the addition of new technologies, you need a team of skilled instrumentation technicians that can design, service, maintain and upgrade your SCADA system instrumentation components to meet your ever-changing demands.

Facility managers rely on SCADA to monitor and manage lighting, entry/exit systems and HVAC systems and components such as temperature sensors, fans and compressors. The manufacturing industry relies on SCADA to manage sub-assemblies and parts for just-in-time manufacturing, while regulating industrial robots and monitoring quality control. Fully automated SCADA systems are used across a wide variety of other industries such as traffic control, agriculture/irrigation, food and beverage and even mass transit systems.

SCADA also provides automation control in environments not safe or practical for human workers including pipelines, refineries and nuclear energy production. Winward Electrical Services, Inc. has made a commitment to serve this growing sector beyond the instrumentation basics of flow, temperature, pressure and level control.

electrical industrial instrumentation

Our team of technician experts have received advanced instrumentation training in the following areas and technologies.

  • Density Instrumentation
  • Nuclear Instrumentation
  • Displacement Instrumentation
  • Coriolis Technology (to calibrate to Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) training standards for reliable and accurate information)
  • PID adjustment parameters (to eliminate the “oscillating effect” for process valves which can upset critical processing chores such as batching, temperature, flow, density and weight controls)

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Your Electrical Instrumentation Contractor

electrical industrial instrumentation

Winward is a full-service instrumentation contractor and we’re ready to work with your blueprints, or our engineers can design-build a system tailored to your exact and demanding requirements.

  • Our instrumentation team uses only the correct type of tubing, fitting and torquing techniques required for your system.
  • Our next step is to include clean, uninterrupted tubing or wiring runs for ease-of-maintenance and service and improved instrument performance.
  • Once the basic installation is complete, we can then move on to pre-startup testing to ensure the entire system is functioning and operating within the instrumentation design specifications.
  • Next, we calibrate the devices individually, and then the entire system, to ensure the accuracy of your electrical or industrial instrumentation.
  • We guarantee a leak-free instrumentation system with proper sloping (as required by certain applications) for proper instrument function.

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What Does an Electrical Instrumentation Technician Do?

The electrical instrumentation technician is responsible for a variety of tasks, depending on the project they’re assigned. Besides installing new systems, the technician may also:

  • Troubleshoot the components, devices and assemblies used to create your instrumentation system
  • Maintenance or service your SCADA system to keep it operating at peak performance and efficiency
  • Repair or replace DCS components that have reached the end of their life cycle
  • Calibrate system components to original manufacturer standards
  • Commission or decommission instrumentation systems

The Experience You Need

With our decades of experience, Winward has the hands-on service experience necessary to calibrate older, fully pneumatic systems that utilize External I/P transducers with pneumatic valves using newer Delta I/P transmitters (or Mag Meter) to 4-20 mA electronic output.

We also have the expertise to convert these systems to a 3-15 PSI signal to operate a strictly pneumatic valve with a newer electronic D/P transmitter, Mag Meter or Flow D/P with orifice plates.

Our highly advanced team also performs these critical services:

  • Calibrate 2, 3 or 4 wire RTDs to 10 Ohm copper or 100 Ohm platinum devices
  • Install thermistors requiring an external power source
  • Calibrate m-V Thermocouple signals for Type J, K, S, etc.
  • Install Tri Loop converters
  • Use Hart 475, 375 and 275 handheld configuration and calibration communicators with a pump
  • Bench calibrations of control valves, transmitters and field bus connections

When it comes to electrical and industrial instrumentation, or any other professional electrical services, look to Winward for everything you need.