Plant Power and Control Systems

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Winward Electrical Services has been designing, installing, maintaining and upgrading power control systems for decades. Our team of power control experts designs and installs simple to complex control systems ranging from plant automation to complete power and substation systems, as listed below.

  • Power distribution networks
  • Electrical distribution equipment and system specifications
  • Conduit and cable tray drawings, plans and installation
  • Grounding systems design and installation
  • Substation design, installation and maintenance

Our technicians are intimately familiar with process control, batch control, oil and gas gathering, mining and food service systems. In addition, each team member is proficient with high voltage terminations and power control system troubleshooting.

Whether you need to design and install a new power control system or upgrade or maintain your existing system, our team of power control experts is standing by.

What Do Industrial Controls Do?

Power control systems allow for the automation of processes or network safeguards to occur automatically, without placing humans in harm’s way. A good example would be an oil or gas pipeline that has sprung a pinhole leak.

The system would detect the leak via a drop in pressure at the sensor. This would trigger the nearby valve to close almost immediately, keeping the gas or oil leak from contaminating the environment, and creating a substantial risk to humans and wildlife.

Let’s take this a step further and say the leak is 500 miles from anywhere in the world. Without a power control system in place, someone would have to travel to the physical location and manually shut off the valve.

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Common Examples of Power and Control Systems

power control systems

Industrial and commercial power and control systems provide infrastructure support, monitoring and control for water treatment, energy pipelines, building management, mass transit, industrial production and the food and beverage industries. Here are the most common types of power and control systems used today.

SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

IED – Intelligent Electrical Devices

HMI – Human Machine Interface

DCS – Data Collection Systems

DCS – Distributed Control Systems

PAC – Programmable Automation Controllers

PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers

PAS – Programmable Automation Systems

RTU – Remote Terminal Units

IACS – Industrial Automation and Controls

Several Winward team technicians have extensive experience in commercial and industrial control design, while others have had years of training and experience in the maintenance and control troubleshooting field. Whatever your needs may be, our team of specialists can design, install, upgrade, maintain or test your industrial power system.

Power Control Systems Maintenance

There are two types of plant power control systems maintenance available, reactive, or proactive, and we belong to the latter. A maintenance plan that includes regular inspections, cleaning and testing will ensure your industrial plant power system—no matter the size or complexity—is operating at peak performance and efficiency.

As members of the proactive school of thought, Winward offers the following maintenance and testing services.

  • Plant power system preventative maintenance
  • VLF testing of medium and high voltage conductors
  • Transformer winding testing
  • CT testing
  • Power station relay testing
  • Transformer oil testing and service

Whether it be high voltage substation technicians or control and troubleshooting technicians, you can count on us to deliver the highest level of service possible.

power control systems

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