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There’s something special about older buildings. They offer a glimpse into a different time and it’s captivating. Winward, comprised of licensed electricians experienced in adhering to the national electrical code, has a passion for helping restore these treasures to their former glory—or better—by retrofitting them with safe, efficient electrical systems. Our team’s electrical training and expertise ensure that while preserving the essence of the building, we integrate modern electrical services that meet the highest standards of safety and functionality in Salt Lake City and beyond.

Our approach to each renovation encompasses a blend of electrical repair proficiency and respect for the building’s history. It means you can rest easy knowing your renovation, including the integration of new light fixtures or electrical updates, will be handled meticulously. We specialize in ensuring compliance with local electrician requirements, including securing an electrician license in Utah and serving areas like Ogden.

When it comes to remodels, Winward stands as a reliable resource for projects both large and small. Whether it’s updating an entire building with a more energy-efficient electrical system or simply modifying it for a floorplan change, our electrician training and commitment to excellence shine through. Our team of commercial electricians near you in Salt Lake City guarantees an electrifying transformation, whether for residential or electrical institutional spaces. Trust Winward for comprehensive electrical solutions that breathe new life into every project.


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